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B2B Telemarketing services

Are you looking to export your products or services to new countries in order to expand your business?

INITIA’s telemarketing team will help you test a new export market by finding customer leads as well as promoting and selling your products and services abroad.

Our telemarketing campaigns will provide an overview of active leads, which will allow for a focused promotion of your business and your products or services.

Telemarketing campaign customised to your business 

When you choose to start expanding your business with telemarketing, we will form a customised plan and set objectives for the campaign:

Our telemarketing team will:

  • Customise the call script, the follow-up procedure, the reporting methodology to you and the success criteria.
  • Introduce our employees to your company and provide them with knowledge of the products/services, which they will be marketing on your behalf.
  • Identify potential customers in the markets you wish to enter or expand. If you have an overview of who to contact, we will consider this as well.

International B2B cold calling

Once we have agreed on the plan and the objectives, our skilled telemarketing team will begin contacting all the relevant potential customers for your business.

For each market we operate in, we use local phone numbers and speak the local language.

Our telemarketing team is skilled in several foreign languages and each employee will be selected, only if they speak the language fluently.

Client testimonial

Among others, INITIA provides its telemarketing services to Staldmæglerne A/S, a company selling both new and used equipment for agriculture. Our telemarketing team is introducing this company and their products to Norwegian farmers.

“This project has been running for 2 months, and it has proved to be successful, already – and our investment is coming back to us. There are more than 12 % positive responses in this new market, which is above our expectations and the success criteria for the launched campaign.”  – Lasse, director at Staldmæglerne A/S

Are you looking to expand your company in new markets? Then, do not hesitate to get in touch to talk about how we can help you enter a new market. Send us a request by using the below contact form.

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