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At INITIA, we are specialised in linking Danish private sector companies with Romanian candidates at Bachelor, Master and Ph.D. level, who are looking to relocate for a certain or indefinite period of time in order to undertake temporary and permanent positions in the following main industries:

  • Engineering;
  • IT;
  • Manufacturing;
  • Logistics

Recruitment solutions

INITIA offers various recruitment solutions, for both permanent and temporary positions as well as a combination of these:

  • Permanent Position – We will find candidates, who match your company’s needs and requirements
  • Try & Hire – Get to know your new employee to make sure that it is a right match, before choosing to make the position permanent. The candidate will start in a temporary position.
  • Project Employment – Temporary positions such as project employment and seasonal work, if your needs are only for a limited period of time

Together we will draw up a plan and find the people most suitable for your company, needs and budget.

Recruitment process

When recruiting potential candidates for your company, we apply scientifically supported processes in screening the candidates, carrying out interviews and doing reference checks as well as making sure that candidates meet your requirements based on psychologically established parameters (by using the personality test MBTI).

At the end of this process, we present you quality-checked candidates for your final selection.

Please do not hesitate to get in touch to talk about the possibilities and your needs.

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