Finance / bookkeeping

Having streamlined all our processes, INITIA offers effective and real-time bookkeeping.

Due to a high degree of digitalisation, you will get a good overview of the financial status of your company, your projects and/or departments and it will provide you the peace of mind you need in regards to the financial overview of your company.

It is important to find the right balance of what to focus on in your company and, we see that more and more companies choose to outsource accounting and bookkeeping, because it is an obvious function to get external help for, as we can manage it more effectively and cheaper, so you can spend more time on your core outputs.

Financial overview with UNICONTA

UNICONTA is the financial system that we recommend to all our clients. If you are currently using another financial system in your company, we offer to help convert that system into UNICONTA.

You will have access to the automated and digitalised accounting and bookkeeping and with an app on your smartphone, you can take pictures of your vouchers and add them with a few clicks for the bookkeeping. In addition, you can always check the financial status of the company, projects or departments.

UNICONTA compiles all information about your finances, clients and products, so you can make the right decisions based on all relevant parameters. UNICONTA integrates with other IT systems as well, so they can pull information from UNICONTA directly, or deliver information to UNICONTA.

Bookkeeping at competitive rates

Besides being a great solution for financial overview, UNICONTA is available in several languages, which is not only beneficial for your company, when you do business in other countries, it also makes it possible for our highly professional employees at our offices in Romania to handle all bookkeeping.

The fact that our Romanian workforce handles the bookkeeping makes us able to offer competitive rates for our bookkeeping services:

INITIA offers effective bookkeeping at DKK 300/hour.

Please do not hesitate to get in touch to talk about the possibilities and needs. Send us a request by using the below contact form.