INITIA creates the framework conditions for companies to grow stronger and faster, by offering our skills to make strategies, provide staff resources, process optimization/digitalization, open new/optimize export markets in Europe or establish production abroad.

Our business approach is customer-oriented, analyzing their needs, and assisting them in identifying the challenges and options.

About the candidates

Our foreign candidates are primarily recruited from western Romania, the location where we have our team located in our subsidiary which has been in operation since 2018. Having a physical presence in this area ensures us the best quality benefits when we select the right candidates for you.

The area stands out positively by being the center of some of the largest business and academic environments in Romania, and houses universities in the top 801 to 1,000, with the largest being Babes-Babes-Bolyai University in Cluj-Napoca, sharply followed by three other Universities Technical University of Cluj-Napoca, Polytechnic University of Timisoara and West University of Timisoara (according to World University rankings 2020).

Our team of experts, which is composed of both Danish and Romanian specialists, ensures that the entire recruitment process of identifying the right candidate for you (from language skills to work experience, skills and References are verified). Through modern testing and interviewing techniques to support our personal interviews, we have designed a process to achieve a win-win-win situation: for the company, to find the right candidate for the job; For applicants, meet their employer choices and be able to evolve in a good workplace and for INITIA, which extends its network to professionals and businesses.

About the companies

Over the last few years, Denmark has been facing a decrease in the unemployment rate. While this indicator is good for the economic welfare of the country, it also pinpoints the need of additional labour force for the companies or positions newly created. Thus, it has become an increasing struggle for companies to recruit locally especially for skilled workers, which is leading to the need of also international labour.

This workers’ shortage did not go unnoticed by the public institutions, so the Danish government proposed a plan to ease the recruitment of foreign workers, by proposing 21 initiatives to be enforced, such as rule simplification and bureaucracy, retention of international graduates, efforts to combat illegal labour and so on.

The low unemployment rates and the high need of specialized workers in Denmark has made it possible that, during the first half of 2019, the number of internationals that worked in Denmark reached its highest level since 2011.

The country is well-known for having a great work-life balance, an exciting business climate and for its welfare safety net. This, and many other reasons, are what drive foreigners to seek job opportunities here.

Our companies are primarily located in Southern Denmark, a region of 1.2 million people. This region is often called the “Gateway to Europe”, and is a dynamic growth area that enjoys a central geographical location in relation to the rest of the country and in relation to Germany, Denmark’s largest trading partner, and the rest of Europe.

The region’s core duties revolve around health, social services and special needs education, psychiatric services and regional development. It is also home to one of the largest and most modern hospitals in all Scandinavia, the Odense University Hospital, and hosts Denmark’s third largest university – the University of Southern Denmark.

This region is also home to many global players like Danfoss, Ecco Denmark and LEGO.